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Meeting Rich Men Online: How to Do It Right!

Do it right for Mr. Right and be well prepared

When a young woman is seeking a rich man online, she must be patient, diligent, and desire more than just his riches. Many young women fail to connect with their wealthy dates, because they do not exercise self-discipline, are impatient, rude, and extremely self-seeking. There is a time for all things, a time to love, receive gifts, have a relationship, and more, but these things don't come all at once and must be earned! When one wants to land the great guy, she must be willing to do things that will win her his respect and move him to want to take up time with her. However, an offline dating romance doesn't come into fruition without utilizing the tools available in a way that will help the young woman be found by the guy she so desires.


Avoid the temptation to exaggerate or make up fake stories in your profile. You don't want to cause a potential date to lose interest if he should read your profile and then find out later that there are inconsistencies in what you are saying.

Stay away from statements that everyone is saying in their profiles like "I don't want any drama…please no psychos or weirdoes…I'm looking for a man to spoil me." Be original! Use your voice to attract the men that are worthy of your attention. You might mention something that describes your personality. Share a story. Talk about your vision of a future relationship. Tell of being close to your family and how you look up to a certain person-this might ward off a stalker or psycho who may have thought you are lonely, desperate and living by yourself.


If you are a mom, most likely anyone who meets you expects you to love/adore/appreciate your children and you would want someone coming into your life to do the same. However, the doting of your children and how important they are to you is best saved for in-person conversation and not your profile. Your page should focus on you and not your children. Help someone viewing your page determine whether they are a good match then the rest is sure to follow. He may have children too and will want someone to love them just as much in time. At least in the beginning and throughout your dating experience, keep it relationship-centered rather than child-focused.


Sexy talk has its place. Men from all over the world will read the words you say and expect you to do what you have promised when you meet them. Therefore, if your intention is not to have sex on the first date, second date, or any other moment until you have really spent some time getting to know your future dates, then don't advertise sex or make promises you can't keep. This will turn any man off-rich or poor!


When posting photos most women will get someone to take their photos, so that they look their best. However, young females with little money and time might go with the "selfie" shot. Although this might be convenient to do, the selfie shot oftentimes makes people not look their best. When one is struggling with weight, she may want to consider losing pounds first before posting a photo that she isn't happy with. Unflattering photos will keep the men away whether you are content with the way you look or not. Keep in mind; you are putting your best foot forward in an effort to get men to want to meet you. The more skin you show, the more attractive and fit you must be. Less clothes often means to most mature men, you are ready to go-in other words very willing to have sex. If this isn't your plan, at least not anytime soon, then cover up your chest area and lower your hemline on your skirt. Watch the way you sit and the way you stand. Convey an image that will send a message to a rich man what type of woman you are.

Most rich men value their reputation and would prefer to date the woman who is discreet about what she does in and out of the bedroom rather than one who is flamboyant and braggadocios about her personal and professional life.


When responding to email, you will want to keep your messages brief, at least in the beginning, because you don't know the person. You definitely aren't certain whether he is rich like he claims. Prepare questions in advance that will help you sort out whether you are in fact communicating with someone who is honest, dependable, responsible, and overall a nice guy. Some questions to ask might be: What brings you to this site: desire, fantasy, love, thrill, etc.? How long have you been Internet dating and what has your experience been like? What type of woman do you seek? Have you met any worthwhile and do you plan on starting a serious relationship with anyone? The more in-depth your questions, the more the person's personality will come shining through. Consider asking questions that test your future partner's reaction to different challenges such as: what he likes and doesn't like about people, different environments, and his thoughts on life. The questions need not to be long just basic. They will also reveal to the successful man that you are an intelligent woman who is not flakey. To get some ideas on creating questions, take online personality tests like those given when one is applying for a job and also those that help with determining certain personality disorders. They are available via the Internet for free. This will help you eliminate those rich men who obviously use their money to hide their numerous psychological issues with women, family, money, fame, power, etc.

Treat your online search for a potential rich date just like you would if you were searching for someone offline, be cautious, creative, and smart-who knows he just might be the one who will help you become an even better person!

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