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What Do Rich Men Really Want in a Relationship with a Younger Woman?

Most Rich men favour certain needs

We have heard the stories of rich men who seek to date younger women because they are dissatisfied with women their own age. These men will then compare the pros of dating younger and the cons of dating older. But what are more in-depth reasons as to why mature, responsible men who exude confidence, intelligence, financial security, have young adult sons and daughters their dates' ages, and more would want to date young women?

They want something new and different.

Years of being in a mundane relationship will tempt the curious. When a rich man finds he can attract women that he would only dream about in his youth, it is a turn on. He will take interest in the young woman who flirts with him. He will seek out young women if he believes he has a chance at bedding them. Sometimes his desire for wanting a different lifestyle, complete with a date that is not his typical preference, will drive him to take risks materially, sexually and spiritually.

They want a young woman who is not set in her ways.

Mature women reach various points in their lives where they want to settle. From careers to marriage, they prefer a predictable lifestyle after many years of wondering, hoping, and wishing for this thing and that one. However, for the man who is in search of someone or something to be his muse for why he should wake up just one more day, he wants flexibility in his life, a woman who is willing to try new things.

They want to take the lead in the relationship.

Some feminist-thinking women may find that a man who wants to be head in his household, trusted with decision-making, and respected for his leadership abilities might have some sexist undertones about his personality; therefore, they may be guarded about him. These successful men want to feel like they are responsible for the safety and well-being of their families. Yet, there are men in relationships that unfortunately experience much chaos because they don't know what their roles are. The power struggle that is typically experienced between couples, who feel like they are to be in control of everything while having no defining roles, will result oftentimes in breakup. A mature man who has experienced something similar in a previous relationship avoids "the power struggle" with an older woman by dating someone younger. Many young women usually permit their older partners to lead out of ignorance, immaturity, lack of dating experiences with mature men, and no solid support system to tell them otherwise.

They want youth and beauty.

Men who are aging see themselves in the mirror daily and they also observe women their own age and older. Some of these men are discontent about themselves because they are reminded, "You are getting older." But to see youthful, attractive people makes some middle-aged gentlemen feel good inside. Therefore, they take great care to associate themselves with women who remind them that "Age ain't nothing but a number."

They want to have sex with attractive women.

Years of having sex with people who don't look very attractive can turn some men off. They might fantasize about dating out of their race or culture. They may desire a taller or shorter woman. Whatever their image of what beautiful is, they intend to fulfill it. Having a substantial income tends to help with that.

They want to be free to date without having to commit.

A young woman typically isn't interested in becoming married especially if she is still working on her college degree. Knowing that marriage isn't an option, at least for some time, most wealthy middle-aged men aren't interested in committing to just one woman. On the other hand, many young women have other men, typically younger, that they date while seeing the rich man.

They want young women who aren't interested in having children.

A rich man who isn't interested in creating a family will not stick around when a young woman talks of one day having a baby.

There are rich men who want different things that are not discussed in this writing, and the points don't apply to all. However, young women who seek to date a rich man will need to be mindful that although there are things that she might expect from her gentleman suitor, she just might not get them. Take the time to interview each date and note the things your date is adamant about in his life. If he says he isn't interested in a serious relationship, doesn't want children, and just wants to take easy, he means what he says. Don't assume a mature man will change his mind, because he likes/loves you. This is how many women end up being heartbroken.

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