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Young Women Who Want Mature Men Tend to Be Wise beyond Their Years

Dating trends for young Ladies

They are women who have been described as "old souls," the type who think deeply, are unique in their spiritual abilities, and realize that their lives are but a journey. For some mature men, they get the feeling that they have connected with these young women in another lifetime. These women arouse feelings in their older partners that take them back to a time period of good times like having crushes and being in love. Young mature, spiritually enlightened women are unusual and it takes a very special someone to connect with them. A mature mate must be comfortable being around a younger partner who might come with her share of spiritual gifting such as: clairvoyance, psychic abilities, dream interpretation, a prayer language, or a connection to the spirit world.

Men who assume that "women are just women" are taken aback when they discover that a date isn't like the rest. Some will talk themselves into staying with the interesting young lady while others will politely excuse themselves from any further dating. It can be challenging being in a relationship with a spiritual woman filled with wisdom. Men who are self-righteous, prideful, or insincere about their faith, have trouble being in the presence of a spirit-filled woman. They fear that she knows something about them, can detect when they are lying, and worry she may curse them with a spell if they should anger her. Unfortunately, there are some women who use gifts for evil, but not all.

So why does a wise, young woman bother with men twice her age?

She has had enough of dating boys. Tired of being cheated on, lied to and having to remind a young man to be responsible, the wise woman may seek her god or God for knowledge on what she must do to connect with a man on her level. Sometimes opportunities will come where she can sit in a mature man's presence and it is then that she discovers she is much happier sharing her time with a man who appreciates her wisdom.

A woman who has responsibilities doesn't want to take care of any young able-bodied man. This may have been her experience. So she is impressed when she is able to date without worrying about paying for her meal and her date's for the umpteenth time. Most mature men are established. They have careers, reliable transportation, independent from parents, and have a decent place to live. A wise woman will not hesitate to pick the man who has a more secure lifestyle.

These mature, young women may have male friends, but aren't interested in being nothing more than acquaintances. A young, insecure man will give her problems because of it. However, a mature man, not so much, because he is secure in who he is and typically trusts his partner.

Sometimes it can be a challenge for a young woman to find a suitable mate because they have no common interests. However, when dating older men she finds that she has more in common with them.

Many young women don't have a strong bond with their fathers. Therefore, they tend to gravitate to men who fulfill the void left behind by an uncaring, mentally or physically ill father.

When dating a young, wise woman know that she comes with much more than women her own age. One should avoid the temptation to label or categorize her. She is one-of-a-kind! Have patience, be understanding, and listen to what she has to say, you might learn something new and she just might arouse you to come up higher in who you are and what you want out of life!

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