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You are dreaming of a male partner with style and class? Ideally, he should be earning very well and working in a successful professional position? Why not opt for a lawyer? They have an extremely high income and a commonly respected reputation. On top, they are well-educated, intellectual and know how to behave according to all situations and social circumstances. Now, how does that sound to you? If you are looking for a well paid lawyer or maybe a judge, try: ? is an online dating website for young women under 30 and mature men with money over 40. Among the members is a large number of academics and many other educated and successful men. Doctors, managers, lawyers, judges, etc. Beautiful, intelligent and nice young ladies have great chances to date, meet and find a successful partner here. How about a lawyer from Boston, a millionaire from New York, a judge from Los Angeles, a surgeon from Miami or an architect from New Jersey? That’s right, all these sophisticated men can be found on

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