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Why Older Men Love Younger Women

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We already interviewed 27 year old Amanda about her relationship with a 25 years older gentleman named Bob. Now we were interested what his side of the story was and met him in his lunch break at the Hilton Hotel, New York.

GMG: Hi Bob. Thank you very much for taking the time. As you certainly know, we interviewed your girlfriend Amanda because we wanted to find out why so many young ladies go out with older men. Now we are interested in hearing your opinion. Why did you decide to date a young woman instead of someone your age?

Bob: Welcome to New York. Right so you want to know the reason why I chose a younger woman as my partner? The answer is very easy: Young women are beautiful, full of life and energy and they are sexually more attractive.

GMG: But these are things a woman your age could offer you too, right?

Bob: Not in the same way. I had a lot of relationships with women of my age and they always complained a lot about their lives, their bodies growing older and they were not that interested in a fulfilling sex life anymore. Young women are different. They have beautiful bodies, they are full of dreams and curious about everything new plus they love sex.

GMG: Does that mean that an exciting sex life is the most important criteria for you?

Bob: Not the most important but certainly one of the most important ones. I think that all men will agree when I say that great sex keeps you alive and young. Amanda is looking up to me. She appreciates my age, my experience and my maturity. And that is one of the best feelings I ever had. I love the feeling of being attractive to a woman. Especially a beautiful young woman like Amanda.

GMG: You are one of New York´s top earners with a life full of luxury. Aren´t you concerned that Amanda only loves you for the money?

Bob: I am no fool. I know that my wealth is one of the main reasons a lady wants to go out with me. But I do my best to choose my girlfriends carefully and I trust Amanda. She makes me feel young again and she brings joy and positive energy into my life. She is the reason I go out more and explore new things. I don´t have a problem with the fact that it is my money that enables us to enjoy all the nice and luxury things. I love sharing my money with a person that appreciates it. It is a great feeling to treat her well and introduce her to the world of the rich and famous and most of all it is fantastic to have such a beautiful and charming young lady accompanying me wherever I go. I am a very lucky man.

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