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You are looking for a successful medical doctor for marriage ?

Many girls heard it from their parents or found out during their lives. “Child, marry a rich man, a doctor maybe and you will never ever have to worry about money and you will lead a carefree and financially independent life!” Of course women can and do study medicine and become successful doctors themselves but at some point they want to plan a family, or work less to enjoy the good things in life and to take advantage of hobbies and other interest. Or maybe they never got to study and missed the chance to start a successful career. Well, if this all sounds familiar to you, you might as well already have come to the idea: Marrying a rich man, a doctor for example, would be the ideal solution to all your problems and it would set an end to a basic lifestyle.

So if you want to date a rich wealthy man, a millionaire, and if you are a young woman under age of 30, then you are right at".

Think global ! Your next husband could be a rich german or a canadian lawyer, a medical doctor from NY, a plastic surgery from LA or a CEO from London... Exactly all these sophisticated men can be found at".

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